Many Good Reasons to Join!!

Lack of Physical Activity, such as that offered at the Healthy Hearts program, has now been identified as a risk factor for heart disease, just as high blood pressure or high cholesterol are risk factors.

Through regular participation in Healthy Hearts exercise classes you will eliminate a risk factor, have fun, meet new friends and:

– increase your endurance fitness
– reduce your blood pressure and resting/exertional heart rates
– increase your angine threshold
– reduce anxiety and depression
– increase your independence
– improve your self image
– return to work and other activities of daily living more quickly

Who Participates?

The program is primarily for people with heart disease. In most cases, participants have experienced one or more of the following:

– angina
– heart attack
– coronary artery angioplasty
– coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG)

People with multiple risk factors (and thus at high risk for developing heart disease) will be considered for the program on an individual basis, depending on enrollment.

Exercise Test

Participants are referred by their family physician or a specialist before entering Healthy Hearts. An exercise tolerance test is then conducted in order to assess each participant’s condition and to allow us to prescribe a safe and individualized exercise program.  Please bring a Medication List to the appointment.


Interested participants must have a PARTICIPANT INFORMATION AND REFERRAL FORM completed by their family physician/specialist to be referred to the Healthy Hearts exercise program.

Copies of this form are available in most physicians’ offices in Huron County or can be obtained by calling the Healthy Hearts Clinic.

Upon receipt of the completed form, an initial assessment interview will be scheduled with the Medical and Program Directors as soon as possible.

The Healthy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation program does not take the place of the participants physician(s), who remain responsible for the medical management of the participant. Healthy Hearts provides Cardiac Rehabilitation services and medical supervision of exercise classes and stress tests.