Healthy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation Program started in 1996.  Healthy Hearts offers a comprehensive regional cardiovascular service to physician referred participants from the Huron County area.

Participants are involved in both education and exercise sessions. The twice weekly exercise sessions include a variety of physical activities (walking, cycling, stepping, arm exercises and others) designed to meet the needs of each individual. The program is delivered in two phases:

Phase One: This phase of the program includes a new intake group every three months and enrols individuals shortly after their heart event or if they have never participated in cardiac rehabilitation before. This phase is three months in length and offers a structured Registered Kinesiologist lead exercise class that is designed based on your medical history, personal goals and results of your stress test. In addition to your exercise program, we offer a set education curriculum which covers topics including physical activity, healthy eating, stress management, healthy relationships, cardiac medications and procedures and more. Classes run twice a week for 90 minutes. These classes are supervised by a physician.

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Phase Two: This phase of the program begins once you graduate phase one of the program. This phase of the program is ongoing and supports members as long as they would like to stay in the program. These classes are lead by an exercise professional and includes exercise and ongoing counselling and support for your heart condition. These classes run twice a week for 60 minutes.

Mission Statement

To provide people with heart disease a comprehensive, medically supervised, individualized exercise-based rehabilitation program to improve their functional capacity and reduce the level of risk associated with their disease.

To provide people with heart disease and their families the necessary support and education to enable them to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.


The Healthy Hearts Program emphasizes improved Quality of Life through exercise, education, and group support. We recognize each participant of the program is unique according to both their medical history and their own personal goals and objectives. We strive to present an individualized program, according to published CACPR and ACVPR guidelines.

We acknowledge that while cardiac rehabilitation programs provide numerous and varied benefits, the Healthy Hearts Program is designed and operated to ensure all participants achieve the following common goals:

– Exercise safely within their personal limitation
– Achieve a better understanding of heart disease
– Make desirable lifestyle changes to modify risk factors
– Return confidently to a satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle