About Us

Healthy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation Program started in 1996.  Healthy Hearts offers a comprehensive regional cardiovascular rehabilitation program to physician referred participants from Huron County and the surrounding area.

Our Program

Participants are involved in both education and exercise sessions. The twice weekly exercise sessions include a variety of physical activity (walking, cycling, full body resistance training, and others). The program is individualized to meet the needs of each individual and is delivered in two phases.

Phase 1

The first phase of the program is 12 weeks in length. The acute phase (phase 1) is designed for individuals who have recently had a heart event or who have never participated in cardiac rehabilitation. These classes are lead by a registered Kinesiologist and the program is designed around your medical history, personal goals, and results of your diagnostic tests. In addition to your exercise program, we offer a set education curriculum which covers topics including physical activity, healthy eating, stress management, healthy relationships, cardiac medications, heart procedures, and more. Classes run twice a week for 90 minutes. These classes are supervised by a physician.

Phase 2

This phase of the program begins once you graduate phase one of the program. This phase of the program is ongoing and supports members as long as they would like to stay in the program. These classes are lead by an exercise professional and includes exercise and ongoing counselling and support for your heart condition. These classes run twice a week for 60 minutes

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410 MacEwan Street
Goderich, Ontario
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