Student Profile – Sam

My name is Sam Cumming and I am a 4th year Kinesiology student with an honours specialization in Clinical Kinesiology at Western University. I am a dual varsity athlete that has been competing for the Cross Country and Track & Field teams for the last 4 years. Another hobby of mine is sailing, as I have taught sailing for over ten years now. I have always had a passion for running and exercise, and more recently how exercise plays a role in the clinical setting. I have always enjoyed learning about human physiology, and I hope to be able to use my interest to build a career in that field.

With my placement thus far, I have been focusing on conducting research. I have been investigating how various prescribed training zones affect cardiac function within the heart failure population. I have also had the opportunity attend sessions in clinic at Healthy Hearts to experience the everyday-running of a cardiac rehabilitation program.

With my placement, I hope to receive experience in how to properly conduct research, as well as get in-person experience at Healthy Hearts. I believe having experience is very valuable and I want to take advantage of every opportunity possible!

Once I complete my undergraduate degree, I hope to continue my education with a thesis-based-Masters in Kinesiology. I hope to further my knowledge in a specific cardiac population in order to become a more valuable health-care provider. Once I complete my education, I hope to pursue a career in Cardiac Rehabilitation as I believe it is an essential service and is also very rewarding. Overall, I love working with people face-to-face and more importantly, helping people getting back to doing activities they love.

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